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Our Phases

Our 7 Phases process

Here at Blue Orange, we take web design very seriously, the way we do this is by following our essential 7 phases of web development process, which we feel is key to giving our clients the right solution for their business needs.


We could sit and tell you all the ins and outs of web design, but we understand that you’re looking for a design agency that won’t blind you with science, so check out our three-minute video as see how Blue Orange build websites the right way.

See how we can open doors for your business

Here at Blue Orange Design Agency, we have many solutions for your business, whether your a start-up or a well-established company. 


The Blue Orange creative team can inject life into any project your company is looking to undertake, whether this is a new or change of them to your website, Graphic design work for your brochure or online marketing material.


You may be in need of a new logo or marketing ideas for an upcoming trade event or in-house video, whatever your business requirements Blue Orange Design agency have the right solution for your business.


So find our below how were opening doors for business all across Lincolnshire and the UK. 

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