Our Team

Russ Proctor

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Head of Graphic Design

& Print

Russ is a co-founder of the Blue Orange Design Agency, and has over 25 years’ experience in graphic design and has a great eye for detail. His design, artwork and print management background alongside his creative design experience has developed a strong skills set which clients get with every job, which includes taking the seed of an idea through to concept stages and design development until the project is finely tuned for completion.     


He also works with a range of printers and can provide competitive quotes, giving the client the best value for their budget on deadline.

John Barnett

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Head of Web & Digital Marketing


John is also a co-founder of the Blue Orange Design Agency, with over 25 years IT experience, with a creative at heart who has become more technical over the years. With a computer science degree, he felt the lure of digital early on. An expert in web accessibility and standards-based web design, John oversees all the technical aspects of our projects. John is a lover of simple, effective design.


His critical eye oversees all the creative output of the agency, and he works closely with our clients to make sure their needs and his drive for design excellence coincide.

Shona Gallagher

Head of

Sales & Marketing


Shona has over 15 years’ experience working within the sales industry and has worked with both the consumer and trade markets from face-to-face sales to telesales.


Throughout this time, she has built up a strong background in customer services, marketing and events working within companies such as City Cruises, Encore, Nandos and Pizza Hut. Shona believes that customer service is key and always strives to exceed her client’s expectations this is something that she is passionate about. With a great eye for detail and a logical and practical approach to her work, she is always looking for new and innovative ideas to provide her clients with the best results for their businesses.

  • Graphic Design


  • Brand Creator & Developer


  • Creative Artworking


  • Art Direction


  • Studio Management


  • Print Management


  • Customer Service

  • Website Design & Development


  • Social Media Marketing


  • Email Marketing


  • Content Writing


  • Pay-Per-Click


  • Infographics


  • SEO

  • Face-to-face Sales and Telesales


  • Customer Service


  • Logical and Practical


  • Great Eye for detail


  • Time Management


  • Task Prioritisation


  • Exceptional organisational skills


  • Social Media