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A good Sales focus is vital for every business.

Your business will not only survive, grow but flourish if you can sell more products to more people. True. But how do you go about marketing your products to achieve these sales?


Know your customer’s needs well. Do your best to build up customer loyalty, from sending Christmas cards to offering reward schemes for regular purchases. Establishing a loyal customer base will cement the bedrock of your business. Impeccable customer care should also be high on your priorities, so make sure that you communicate well with customers at all times, whether taking an order or dealing with a complaint.


for your customers to buy from you. No matter if you are selling cars, housing developments, or professional services on the high street or on-line – just make sure the process is simple. There are many ways to do this, retailers providing car parking to offering an online ordering service and a reliable returns policy; but one message across the board – the simpler you make the buying process, the more likely a customer is to come back and buy again.


your company via a high quality and professional website.


you have the right’ marketing mix’. This is the right combination of tactics used by a business to achieve its objectives. This includes marketing the right product, to the right person, at the right price, in the right place and at the right time.


value-added services to back up your core product; services that go beyond simply providing a product on time in good condition. For example, send customers emails with details of upcoming releases of authors they have purchased before. You can add value into almost any area of your business, whether it’s logistics, payment, verification or settlement. Just be sure the customer knows these services exist and how they would benefit from using them.


a proper marketing plan. Once you have decided which customers to target and the marketing mix to employ, you have effectively developed a marketing strategy – so write it down. Your marketing plan should encompass all of the above and may cover six months to five years.

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